August Vibrations 2018

After my interesting July, I decided to re-read the book “The Game of Life and How to Play it” by Florence Scovel Shinn. I wanted to find a way to consistently raise my vibrations. I wanted out with the old, negative thoughts and in with new and positive thoughts.

Although the book was originally written back in 1925, the ideas and principles hold true for today. Changing one’s perspective really changes your focus and attitude. Here are a few examples in my life this August, that made a difference.

    • I played trivia at Scum and Villainy in Hollywood. On one hand I felt as though I weren’t very smart. Aren’t I smarter, and more clever than that? Changing my thinking I considered that I visited a very cool bar I hadnt been to before and I saw Kevin Smith (who is very cool by the way) up close.
    • I got stuck in my apartment elevator AGAIN (yes, it true, only for about 5 minutes). I could have been very angry, but I took it as a reminder to be healthy and take the stairs more often.
    • After off-loading some boxes at work, I got a strange spot on my work pants. After I washed them the spot remained. I could be cranky about the ruined pants, or be happy to get new ones (that I don’t pay for) which fit better at a smaller size, now that I’ve lost some weight.
    • I recently downloaded a new audio program because I want to do an audio version of my short story “The Price of Salvation” which will come out in October. The new system doesn’t work with my current microphone. I could either be frustrated at technology, or take it as a chance to practice reading out loud more often until I get the mic to work the way I want.

I’m not saying that it’s easy to change every single thought I have, but I can say that the more I consciously pay attention to positive things and situations, and focus on what I want and expect from the Universe my life seems a bit better. I have way more blessings that I thought I did, and I recieve more unexpected nice surprises which I’m grateful for. It also helps to have a few affirmations when those nasty,  demonic negative thoughts cross my path. The next time I dare take the elevator maybe I’ll be stuck with some smoking hot or super cute man…

So friend, what do you do to raise your vibrations?